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Lockdown Update

A message from Pricipal Bolen


Dear families of Duncan Elementary School,

  We experienced another Lockdown at Duncan Elementary School. The Lockdown Warning System went into effect at approximately 2:35 pm. The busses had just pulled in to the parking lot and students had just been released from their classrooms.

Teachers and staff responded immediately to the Warning System in place by getting students into a safe place – their classrooms. Several students were already getting into the gym to prepare for today’s games against Morenci. Several parents were on campus picking up their children, and the Book Fair had customers.


The warning system has a display that informs the office which room the “Lockdown Button” was depressed. The code indicated that the button was depressed at the Primary School Office. The Primary Secretary was tending to the needs of a teacher when the button was depressed and was not at her desk to see who it could have been that depressed the button. I originally thought it was the Brubaker Gym again as it had been earlier this week. 

Regardless, when the warning system goes off, we are going to respond as though there is a threat.  

The Sheriff’s office was called, 911 was called, I called Sheriff Tim personally, I also spoke with the Superintendent. I was in contact with both secretaries. The Sheriff’s Deputies arrived quickly and the Clifton PD also responded very quickly. The students, Teachers, Aides, other staff and parents on campus were patient, quiet and cooperative while the Police checked and cleared every room, closet, and other possible hiding places. 

Not knowing for sure if there was a threat, we approached this with care and precision. 

I hope we can all appreciate the fact that there is a system in place to warn and alert in case there is a threat. I also would appreciate your patience as we work through the kinks of a new alert system. Although I am frustrated at the inconvenience of the timing of the alert system going off, I am also very encouraged at how effectively it is working at alerting. When the Sheriff’s Department arrived today, there was no trace of anyone on campus and everything was locked down and barricaded. That was awesome.


What went well: 

1. The Lockdown Procedure worked effectively and quickly - got everyone in Lockdown Mode in less than 1 minute!! 

2. The Sheriff’s Department and Clifton Police responded quickly and took it very seriously. 

They were awesome!! 

Where we will improve:

1.  We will have a means of mass communication in place to effectively send out messages via text, message and email. Looking into plans for Nixle and Remind currently.

2.  We will have a remedy to avoid the inadvertent depression of the lockdown buttons 

3. The Alert System Company will be here next week to ensure the communication between the upper and lower campuses is working correctly and fix any other problems we have experienced. 

Lastly, I want everyone to know that when the lockdown alert system is heard, we will be in full lockdown mode no matter the time, or inconvenience. I am truly grateful there wasn’t anyone in imminent danger, but assured to know that if there was a threat on campus, we will respond quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of our Duncan Elementary Family.  




Byron Bolen, Principal  

Principal's Corner

A word from Principal Bolen

Dear Staff, Parents and Students,

We are off to a fantastic start with many highlights and accomplishments in just 9 short weeks. I see happy students and a culture that makes this campus a great place to be. The new kids that have come to our school from some of the surrounding communities are happy and love it, and their parents have told me that they are impressed with the way the campus feels. That to me is a good start. While we still have a long way to go for Duncan Elementary School to reach our potential, we are stepping in the right direction.

Here are a few of the things that have made the First Quarter a success:

Parent-Teacher Conferences – We had a great majority of parents come out to conference with their student’s teachers. It was great to see so many of you on campus and demonstrating your interest in your student’s success.

Athletics – Football and Volleyball have played competitively with some great wins. The Volleyball team has participated in representing two special interests: “Save a Skyler” and “Breast Cancer Awareness.” The Volleyball team has also successfully run several fundraisers and got to go see a University of Arizona Lady Cat’s Volleyball game, take pictures with the team, sit courtside, and give high-5’s to the team as they entered the arena! Now we are off to Basketball season!!

The Solar Eclipse, Pep Rallies and Assemblies – These are a few activities that have been a lot of fun the last 9 weeks here at Duncan Elementary School. The teachers are making this campus and their classrooms such a great place to be.

Garden Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting – this was an awesome event that took place September 25 th . Many people from the community came out to witness the Grand Opening and offer support to what we are doing here for agriculture and gardening. Classes sang songs, several key players spoke, and plant starters were handed out. It was definitely a proud moment for Duncan Elementary School.

With Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, we are going to have such a fantastic second quarter.


Byron Bolen, M.Ed.

Principal - Duncan Elementary School



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